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Through this policy we inform Users that this website uses cookies. Cookies are small files which are stored on a User's computer which enable KAO CHEMICALS EUROPE, S.L. (herein KAO) to provide you with services such as the possibility of remembering certain aspects of your last search for content so future searches are faster. Cookies can be deleted from your hard disk if you so wish. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, although you can change the configuration of your computer to stop this from happening. Even without cookies, you can use the majority of the services found on our website.


This website uses the following cookies: 

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookie files which are deleted when you close your browser, that is to say they are used until the User finishes browsing the website. These cookies do not permanently store information on the hard disk of your computer.

Browser Cookies

The main objective of these cookies is to avoid offering you recommendations not related to your interests and offer personalized commercial proposals.

Browser cookies base their use on temporary follow-up of Internet browsing. The User may delete these types of cookies before browsing other web pages on the website.

Statistics Cookies

Statistics cookies allow us to know the following information:

- The way Users interact with our website

- The collection of information anonymously

- To prepare trend reports for websites without identifying individual Users

To carry out usage statistics for our website, we use statistical tools with a limited scope regarding the aforementioned functions with the aim of knowing how often Users return to our website and the most interesting content for them. In this way, we can concentrate our efforts on improving the areas that are visited most and make it easier for Users to find what they are searching for. 




Third-party cookies

On occasions, we may offer third-party content on our website. These third parties may install cookies that are not controlled by us.


Cookies used on our website





Own - KAO


User session authentication on the website

30 days

Own - KAO


Accept cookies

1 year

Own - KAO


JavaScript activated or deactivated


Third party - Google


Google Analytics: Obtain user follow-up reports

1 year


Cookie management

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User may configure their browser to accept or reject cookies by default or to receive a pop-up message for each cookie and decide if the cookie can be installed or not. To such end, we suggest you use the help section of your browser to see how to change its present configuration. The User may also use tools such as 'Do Not Track', which may be downloaded from:, to block tracking cookies.

Additionally, you may reject, at any time, the consent given for the use of cookies on the part of KAO, by configuring your browser as described in the previous point.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you must take into account that disabling cookies may affect the correct working of certain sections of the website.

Please consult the instructions and manuals for your browser for more information:

- If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the 'Tools' menu option, click on 'Internet Options' and the Privacy tab.

- If you use Firefox, for Mac in the 'Preferences' menu option, click on 'Show Cookies', and for Windows, on the 'Tools' menu option and then by clicking on 'Privacy' and later on 'Use a personalized browser configuration' for browser history.

- If you use Safari, with the 'Preferences' menu option, click on 'Privacy'

- If you use Google Chrome, in the 'Tools' menu  option, click on 'Options' (Mac preferences), click on advanced and later on the option 'Content Configuration' in the 'Privacy' section, and finally selecting the 'Cookies' check box in the 'Content 'Configuration'.