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Kao Chemicals Europe
a company with a past, present and future.

The global corporation to which we belong is one of the largest manufacturers of personal care consumer products, detergents, prestige cosmetics, and their basic chemical components.

With a history dating back to 1887 in Tokyo, Kao Group has evolved and expanded to all five continents where it presently operates , and comprises 32.707 employees working for all the group’s companies.

Since our establishing in 1999   Kao members are  fully committed to supplying  value added products and brands that satisfy our customers / consumers needs. As a result, we constantly renew and extend our facilities, leading to the sustained growth we are planning for the future.

Basic Principles for Corporate Activities

1.  Innovative Products
2.  Eco-together concept
3.  Management by "Select and Focus"
4.  Sustainability
5.  Corporate Social Responsibility
6. Enriching lives, in harmony with nature
7. Adherence to Ethical principles

Kao Chemicals Europe’s mission  is to satisfy market needs and customer expectations through the development, production and marketing of chemical products, while  reaching an adequate level of profitability and continuously improving our competitive position. Kao Chemicals Europe works to   contribute to the development of the people who constitute the company, all within a framework of total respect for society and the environment.