Kao Chemicals Europe offers a range of specialty additives and components for use in coating and paint formulations.

Based on our core technologies of surfactant and polymer chemistry, we have developed a variety of high-performing products for the coatings and paints industry. Product safety, sustainability, and close monitoring of the new regulations are also key aspects for all our new development efforts.

Our product range for coatings and paints include:

  • Pigment wetting agents
  • Non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers and stabilizers for emulsion polymerization
  • Polymeric dispersants for water-based formulations
  • Reactive emulsifiers for acrylic emulsion polymerization, which provide high polymerization stability and enhanced water resistance
  • Neutralizing agents
  • Plasticizers
  • Wetting agents for printing inks
  • Polyols for epoxy and acrylic electrocoatings for the automotive industry
  • Granular polyester and polyester for paper and film coating with special properties such as high alcohol resistance

We strongly believe in working together closely with our customer and end users. Therefore, we invite you to contact us with any question or request you may have.