KAO CORPORATION S.A. Fertiliser Division has swiftly developed one of the largest ranges of chemical products aimed at assisting fertiliser producers to improve the quality of their end-products.
Our chemical additives have been developed in order to solve the day to day problems which appear in the fertiliser industry during production, handling, application chain, storage and transportation of fertilisers in all forms: granules, prill, liquid, etc.
This range encompasses cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants sometimes blended with oils/waxes and marketed under the SK FERT® and URESOFT® brand-names.
In summary, these ready-made mixtures include:
- Anti-caking agents for Urea, AN, CAN, NPK, NP, PK, KCl, MAP and DAP
- Anti-dusting agents for all fertiliser products
- Hydrophobic agents (to prevent moisture pick-up)
- Processing aid agents (improving drying kinetics, change crystal behaviour, etc.)
- Porosity and thermostabilizer agents for AN technical grade (low density)
- Anti-caking agents for low density AN
- Anti-foaming agents for phosphate rock
- Anti-corrosive agents for liquid fertilisers
More than 40 years’ experience in this market has given us the know-how in the treatment of a wide range of fertilisers. We provide full technical support to carry out laboratory and industrial trial tests.
By working directly with customers, KAO has been able to perfect tailor-made products for fertiliser industrial uses.