Kao Chemicals Europe provides key surfactant technology for modern metalworking formulations that are particularly indispensable for water miscible fluids. For more than 45 years the AKYPO® technology serves as an essential additive for longer lifetime metalworking fluids.

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Our additive brands AKYPO®, AKYPO® ROX, KAO FINDET, AMIDET® and FOSFODET® feature these primary properties:

• Stable emulsions for various degrees of water hardness and a wide variety of conditions.

• Foam controlling emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers and solubilizers.

• Multifunctional stabilizers.

• Easy handling and formulating.

• Environmentally friendly.

These properties enable your formulations to successfully meet the increasing demands of your customers:

• Longer fluid lifetimes.

• Lower maintenance costs and increased productivity thanks to clean fluids.

• Formulations for high pressure and high speed machining.

• Improved lubricity and extreme pressure/anti-wear (EP/AW) performance for increased tool lifetimes.

• Mild labeling and environmentally friendly metalworking fluids.

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