Oil and Gas industry requires a wide range of surfactants in order to solve all kinds of operational problems in different areas such as drilling, cementing and production of crude oils. For more than 15 years, Kao Corporation S.A. has worked closely with the oil industry to offer the best chemical solution for each problem.
All this experience is daily used in our laboratories to continuously improve our chemicals. Our R&D and Technical Service provide our customers with the most suitable formulas and advice for the best job solution in order to design new products and formulae with high R+D oriented strategy.
KAO CORPORATION, a global company operating in the surfactants field, offers a wide PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS product range, especially adapted to the oil industry, from drilling to refineries.

Temperature and pressure downhole conditions require special surfactants to be used such as: Corrosion Inhibitor, Viscofiers, Emulsifiers, Lubricants, and Foamers...

Cement slurries used to fix well structure often require Superplasticizers and retarders - Mighty

Crude oil and gas need to be separated from water before entering the refinery- Demulsifiers, Corrosion Inhibitor, Parafin/Asphaltene Dispersants, Biocides, Antifoamers, and Antihydrates