Kao Corporation S.A. co-operates with the road industry, and has been one of the leading European companies in road surfactants chemicals for more than 50 years
Throughout all those years, Kao Corporation S.A. has produced and sold different fatty amines and derivatives for many different road bitumen treatments, either for new road construction or maintenance.
All this experience is daily used in Kao Corporation asphalt laboratories to continuously improve our chemicals, in order to offer the best products to the market. Our R&D and Technical Service give our customers the most suitable formulas and advice for the best working solutions.
Our products are used basically as:
- Bitumen emulsifiers
- Antistripping agents
- Special additives
Kao Corporation Japan and Quimikao Mexico are work in the Far East and America selling the most suitable products according to market needs. This presence allows Kao to take advantage of the new tecniques developed in any specific area and use them wordwide