The Oleochemicals business unit is a key unit in Kao's global business. In Europe, the main families of products made and marketed are fatty alcohols and fatty amines.
The Fatty alcohols can be used directly, in formulations for personal care or hygiene products, or indirectly as intermediate products in other applications.
The amines may be primary, secondary, tertiary, diamines or polyamines. The primary and secondary amines can be used as such in fields like minerals flotation or fertiliser, although usually, are used as intermediate products that are ethoxilated, acidulated or quaternized for use as emulsifiers, dispersing agents and anti-static agents in various industrial applications.
Diamines and polyamines are used as corrosion inhibitors or adhesivity activators in asphalt emulsions, and also as intermediate products or, in the form of salts, as pigment dispersant.
Tertiary amines are worth noting as they are always used as intermediate products which, after being quaternized, oxidated or carboxymethylated, are converted into a wide range of surfactants that are used in different applications such as hair conditioners, desinfectants, wood-preserving agents, stabilizer in thickening agents in extreme pH conditions, production of organophyllic bentonites, fabric softener.