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Kao has been developing nano-dispersion pigment technology that has being used to formulate the first aqueous pigment inks for use on flexible packaging. Kao has now taken a further step to become a significant ink producer with the acquisition of Chimigraf becoming Kao Chimigraf. Kao Chimigraf develops, manufactures and sells flexographic ink and inkjet ink for package printing among others. Check out our inks catalogue at

Polyester-based resins


KAO as long history with the polyester resins production. For over 30 years Kao has been producing top quality binder resins under the TUFTONE trade name for use in specialty toner formulations.  Our world class technical development team works hand in glove with OEM producers of copiers and printers to custom design a resin exclusively for each customer application. Our technical skill and manufacturing capabilities have firmly established the Kao family as the market leader in the field of polyester-based resins for the electro photographic industry. With its low fusing temperatures and superior dispersion properties polyester-based resins can offer high-speed printing with outstanding quality results. 



Kao is very familiar to those in the toner industry not only as the major worldwide supplier of polyester toner binder resins but also a significant finished toner producer. Kao develops, produces and commercializes toners for OEM producers for high-speed, conventional and multi-functional printers as well as for photocopiers based on electro-photography technology.   Contributing to eco-printing Kao is focused on providing sustainable toners that are friendly to individuals, society, and the environment. For this reason, Kao widely develops toners that melt and fix at low temperatures by blending crystalline polyester, which shows a sudden drop in viscosity at a certain temperature.